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June review

“You have to know how to lose.”  Especially when Roma are involved, or even Mourinho, I might add.  The wave of hypocrisy hit in the aftermath of the great theft in Budapest.  They weren’t expecting anything else.  All these scientists of fair play, in a flash.  With what face and courage these people have the June review

The road to Budapest

Failure to win against Salernitana probably puts an end to the race for fourth place. With a victory we could still hope to hook Milan, with whom we had thrown away another 2 points in the direct clash. A pity because everything was still within our reach. In hindsight unfortunately you never win. Against Fiorentina The road to Budapest

Europa Final

Talking about the league almost makes no sense. Despite the draw in Bologna, Roma remain in the running for fourth place, and therefore for a place in the Champions League. A few days later is another draw, but much more important. Roma go past Bayer Leverkusen and get the Europa League final where they will Europa Final

Monthly review

Dismay. The unthinkable. At peak joy. Never had it happened to us to be almost happy for a defeat. Roma played an excellent game at the Maradona, come out with zero points but from the fans’ reaction it almost seemed like a victory. The family photo, the unity of the group, the strong signal of Monthly review

Monthly review

The positive streak between the championship and the Italian cup rekindles the optimism of being able to hit at least one target at the end of the season. Champions League football, maybe a Coppa Italia, Europa League, if we believe. The unexpected draw at the San Siro, the narrow victories against Genoa and Fiorentina. The Monthly review

Monthly review

It is not a question of play. Each time you have to hear the same story from certain people. Mourinho has always been like this, wherever he went. Winning, first of all. Porto, Chelsea, Inter, Real Madrid, Manchester. A European trophy arrives in Rome, which had been missing here for 60 years, with the poorest Monthly review

September review

Joy and pain. It’s been a bumpy road so far. A big win at the San Siro, now another defeat comes at home, after Atalanta. This time with Betis Seville, partly because of bad luck but also because of our mistakes. It was the direct match to try to recapture the Spaniards at the top September review

August review

Here we go again. From Josè Mourinho and the whole team who gave us that trophy that had been missing for too long. An immense joy that the Romanisti people deserved. We have said it here repeatedly throughout the year, even when things weren’t going very well, even when someone called upon people like Italian, August review


Champions. Of Europe. Winners of the first edition of the UEFA Conference League. Without ifs and buts. Anyone who tries to belittle this achievement is either in bad faith or simply froth of anger. The only Italian team to win a European competition, the last time 12 years ago, just happened to be led by Roma-Feyenoord

Weekly review

Regardless of how it ends. José Mourinho is working a miracle, on and off the pitch. He had started with a small squad, anchored in sixth-seventh place for some years. Some excellent players from the first places, others less good, young, or still to be deciphered. Fluctuating results, some great games but also some very Weekly review