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Regardless of how it ends. José Mourinho is working a miracle, on and off the pitch. He had started with a small squad, anchored in sixth-seventh place for some years. Some excellent players from the first places, others less good, young, or still to be deciphered. Fluctuating results, some great games but also some very bad ones, not including referee’s scandals and many lost points.

“The team must reach my level, not the other way around”. Slowly but surely José remodelled the team, with the few means available, in January he sent away and put aside those players that he considered not up to par. Even though lots of fans were shocked and asked for his head. For having “devalued” certain players. “Boiled, old, incapable”. Told by fans of a team that hardly ever wins anything has enough effect. And coincidentally, he was right here too. And instead, he then launched, enhanced, and improved other players, obviously better than those “purged”. Above all Zalewsky, on the bench all year, now an immovable owner.

Mou has brought back the enthusiasm, the full stadium, and the support of the people. A sea of ​​love for the Giallorossi lo, which has not seen for a long time. But above all he is changing the minds of the players and the mentality, a growth that also includes a strong club that supports him. José’s hand. Attention is meticulous on everything, team, fans, and management. That is the club.

Three years of project. Many did not understand all this. And they contested it when things weren’t going well, perhaps giving heed to certain characters from the ether who were a little biased or who hated him regardless in the various TV shows and various newspapers. The important thing is that now all Romanistas have understood this. Mourinho is our only chance for growth. To win. Not to float.

We leave the various coaches, Italiano or De Zerbi to their halfway zone. After having seen so many utopias of a beautiful and hopeful football, I now prefer a more practical and winning football. We have the best of all, and we still don’t realize. With the euphoria of the final, he reminds us that we are not a team of champions. He continues to goad the club to raise the bar and invest, he continues to praise the fans, a social phenomenon to be studied, but also remember that we lack winning trophies.

The Special One in a few months of work has brought us to a European final, which we have not reached for 31 years, since 1991. Next year we are in the Europa League. With the points stolen by referees and the Var we could also go to the Champions League in place of a Juventus that made a ridiculous championship, like ours, not forgetting how much they invested and their expectations of glory. And that we play a final on Wednesday. They don’t. We are the only Italian team.

José Mourinho has achieved the maximum possible so far. Dybala or not Dybala, next year other strong and functional players must arrive, the team must improve in quality, ready to climb positions and start competing at other levels. I am convinced that the owners are very ambitious and that it will follow its coach with investments. The time is right. The final can be our driving force. “Vate retro” Newcastle. FORZA ROMA.

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