Europa Final

Talking about the league almost makes no sense. Despite the draw in Bologna, Roma remain in the running for fourth place, and therefore for a place in the Champions League. A few days later is another draw, but much more important.

Roma go past Bayer Leverkusen and get the Europa League final where they will challenge Seville. The second European final in two years. Sci-fi stuff. Another miracle by Jose Mourinho. The only one capable. History says this, the results speak for themselves, and not from now, 26 career titles, wherever he went.

A real phenomenon, in spite of his critics . We don’t shoot on goal and we don’t score goals, but only the results count in football, nobody remembers good games if the victories don’t come afterward. For the show there is the cinema or the theatre. Not letting others play is a game system, like it or not, the Special one, which works, which brings joy to the Roma people.

Those who prefer something else can take a seat,  I instead keep the Conference cup raised in Tirana and the final that we will now play in Budapest. I will never exchange those emotions, that never change with the spectacular 4-5 with Inter, or with the record of points record of some saint who in the end it brought nothing. I don’t enjoy losing. Mourinho brought us two finals in two years, with a limited squad, full of injuries, almost always in an emergency.

A team clearly inferior to the others of leading competitors, a team certainly less strong than those had in the past by Spalletti, Rudi Garcia or Di Francesco. A team that scores too little but defends itself in an extraordinary way. Mou has managed to create a group where even those who don’t play give everything on the pitch.

A miracle that only he could perform. There is none for anyone. Now head, heart and legs at the Puskas Arena in Budapest. The most important game this time is not the next one. Come on Jose. Come on Rome!

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