Monthly review

The positive streak between the championship and the Italian cup rekindles the optimism of being able to hit at least one target at the end of the season. Champions League football, maybe a Coppa Italia, Europa League, if we believe. The unexpected draw at the San Siro, the narrow victories against Genoa and Fiorentina. The standings say that we are only 4 points behind second place. the road almost paved towards the final of the Italian Cup. Without forgetting Salzburg in Europe.

We are in the running on all fronts, some players have awakened, the game seems to be more fluid, above all the desire and determination seem to have returned. Everything is going well, and here comes some distractions to dampen the enthusiasm a bit. First the fans clashing on the motorway, and because of some idiot the team won’t have the fans with them for two months. And then the Zaniolo case. A player who really cares for his jerseys, who works hard but who can’t play football anymore.

Merciless numbers, bad performances, a contract that Roma are not willing to extend at certain salary. And maybe even the player has decided to change. Is it worth continuing to wait for him? Who knows what Mourinho thinks. Everything is toxic, a situation that has been dragging on for a long time, not now. But anything can happen, even a sale in January. But also his stay, at a reduced wage. To determine who will have the courage to spend a lot and bet on the player. Both to keep him here or elsewhere. Yet, if Zaniolo goes, who is going to replace him? And what about Smalling? The rumours aren’t reassurring, our top defender, to lose him now would be a much bigger blow.

In the meantime, we need to think about the common good, a team that seems to run better with Tammy and Dybala in front, with Pellegrini behind. Regardless of this, a fully functional Zaniolo would be very useful, even starting from the bench, ready to play his chances, but only if he’s there with his head. Meanwhile, we have our head on Spezia and Cremonese, league and cup. Forward we go.

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