Monthly review

Dismay. The unthinkable. At peak joy. Never had it happened to us to be almost happy for a defeat. Roma played an excellent game at the Maradona, come out with zero points but from the fans’ reaction it almost seemed like a victory. The family photo, the unity of the group, the strong signal of the club for those who don’t want to be part of it. Mourinho also succeeds in this feat.

Everything seemed to go well, the standings, the next “feasible” matches and the road almost paved to reach the final of the Italian Cup. And the icing is the return of Gini Wijnaldum to the team. The prelude. Full stadium, lots of enthusiasm for an evening that is difficult to imagine. And instead comes a tremendous blow.

Against the last in the standings who had never won a game so far. Cremonese who, however, had already eliminated Napoli, who had also given Inter and Juve a hard time. An alarm bell that however was ignored. With all due respect, you can’t play an in or out match with a team full of reserves and promising young players. If someone really had to catch his breath, it could have been organised better, with a lighter turnover, even in the next games.

I don’t agree with the coach’s choices and explanations this time. We were presumptuous, too many important players out, whoever took over was unprepared to keep up with the pressure and we saw it later when we had to run for cover. But it was too late. In the second half we created more but also made a mistake due to the frenzy of having to chase two goals. Celik’s own goal immediately at the start of the second half scuttled us, and Smalling’s sensational chance was the real chance of being able to catch up with the result, with almost 20 minutes still to play. In the end a huge disappointment.

These were Mourinho’s games, the ones that he never makes mistakes, that take you all the way to the final, this year within reach as never before, an almost unrepeatable opportunity. Now all that remains is to forget everything, if we can. The fear is of suffering a psychological backlash, we can’t afford to throw everything away, Empoli are a tough team, see Inter, we absolutely have to start over, we can’t miss the Champions League, with Juventus out of the picture, this is another unrepeatable opportunity. Waiting for Salzburg in the Europa League.

Finally, I say to Zaniolo that a press release to a press agency doesn’t affect us at all, he’s put himself into a corner and is looking for a way out, which doesn’t exist. But there is a possibility, come to the stadium, take a microphone and ask forgiveness in front of sixty thousand people, dismiss your agent, no longer take stupid advice from your entourage, renew your contract for another two years at the club’s terms and conditions and make yourself available. I’m sure the stadium will be singing “Nico Nico” again. Regards.

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