The road to Budapest

Failure to win against Salernitana probably puts an end to the race for fourth place. With a victory we could still hope to hook Milan, with whom we had thrown away another 2 points in the direct clash. A pity because everything was still within our reach. In hindsight unfortunately you never win.

Against Fiorentina it will be a match from the end of the season, Mourinho will not risk several starters, including Pellegrini, with Dybala still in the pits, also in strong doubts for the Budapest final. Paulo’s condition seems worrying, not pre-tactical. The impression is that we will see him on the bench. Winning Wednesday’s final is now the only real goal. Lifting the cup would mean another European trophy, two cups in one calendar year, unthinkable stuff up until two years ago, but also entry into the Champions League, that is, the most important competition. A sensational pairing that would bring in a lot of cash, a triumph for planning the future, for raising the bar, for thinking big in the years to come.

A cup and a future that will necessarily lead to still having Josè Mourinho at the helm, at least for next year. Our leader. Budapest is the big decider. Everything at stake. The future of Roma and its coach. I don’t want to reason about what will happen if things don’t go well. The castle is still standing, solid and loaded like all the 15,000 who will follow the team to the Puskas Arena. The tension is high, but first there is the match in Florence, good only for the adrenaline rush. The countdown begins on Saturday night. Ready for this last effort. All united. Come on!

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