europa league

Europa Final

Talking about the league almost makes no sense. Despite the draw in Bologna, Roma remain in the running for fourth place, and therefore for a place in the Champions League. A few days later is another draw, but much more important. Roma go past Bayer Leverkusen and get the Europa League final where they will Europa Final

Il commento zampato di Bayer Leverkusen Roma.

La Roma raggiunge, per il secondo anno consecutivo, una finale europea. La Roma non molla, la Roma è incerottata, ad ogni partita contiamo i superstiti. Ma i giocatori danno il massimo e lottano per questa squadra e per i tifosi, encomiabili, come sempre. Il 31 maggio saremo a Budapest. FORZA ROMA!!!

September review

Joy and pain. It’s been a bumpy road so far. A big win at the San Siro, now another defeat comes at home, after Atalanta. This time with Betis Seville, partly because of bad luck but also because of our mistakes. It was the direct match to try to recapture the Spaniards at the top September review