Weekly review

The perfect match. Along the lines of the last derby. Those races where you can see the hand of Josè Mourinho. Determination, tenacity, the desire to throw the heart over the obstacle. Roma crashes Bodo Glimt without appeals and without holds.

The last minute comeback against Salernitana last Sunday was the prelude to a magical evening for the Giallorossi seasoned by an overcrowded stadium. The Mou effect is visible outside and now also inside the pitch. Following in his footsteps of him is what he asks of us to make the famous change of mentality.

Tammy and Zaniolo the prima donnas The semifinal is ours. Now we have Leicester City, the miracle of Sir Claudio Ranieri. The third European semifinal in four years after Di Francesco in the Champions League and Fonseca in the Europa League. Once again we challenge an English team. It is time to dispel this taboo. But first there is the Napoli of the former Spalletti, Monday night’s big match in the league. The Foxes can wait. Wolf pack won’t. Come on Roma.

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