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Champions. Of Europe. Winners of the first edition of the UEFA Conference League. Without ifs and buts. Anyone who tries to belittle this achievement is either in bad faith or simply froth of anger. The only Italian team to win a European competition, the last time 12 years ago, just happened to be led by Roma-Feyenoord

Weekly review

Regardless of how it ends. José Mourinho is working a miracle, on and off the pitch. He had started with a small squad, anchored in sixth-seventh place for some years. Some excellent players from the first places, others less good, young, or still to be deciphered. Fluctuating results, some great games but also some very Weekly review

ASPETTANDO… Roma-Feyenoord

Forse è proprio quello che ci voleva. Europa League. La Roma affronterà domani sera, allo Stadio Olimpico, il team olandese. Gara valida per i sedicesimi di finale di andata dell’Europa League. Ricominciare nel campo europeo potrebbe dare nuove movitazioni alla squadra, quasi come un cambiamento d’aria per spazzare via il cattivo odore degli ultimi due ASPETTANDO… Roma-Feyenoord