Roma-Napoli 1-2: “Deflated”

“Let’s clear right away the doubts: Napoli deserved to win. Indeed, it could have been worse. The fact that Roma have had a reaction down by two goals, with five, six goal opportunities and a lot of bad luck does not change much our judgment. You can not begin to play a football match at the 85th minute, with the chance to equalise.
Too late. The miracle of Reina in the end, the glaring missed opportunities by Salah and his companions did not justify another bad game, along the lines of the Cup match against Lazio. Too bad Roma, cannot believe after the fabulous victories with Villarreal and Inter.
How is it possible? Fazio, Manolas and Rudiger, small rocks turned into pebbles, blunders, lapses incredible. De Rossi came back but it was among the worst. Not too mention the others, we can write endlessly…
One thing, however, should clarify Spalletti. They are tired? Is it physical, mental, they burned all energies against Inter? Even Nainggolan is less brilliant, in the pile, the cages designed for him have taken effect, no longer able to do the usual work. Wanna talk about the short squad? At Napoli Mertens goes out and they have Milik or Pavoletti, at Roma comes out Dzeko, who enters? Nobody. Jorginho or Hamsik get replaced by Diawara and Zielinsky, at Roma Gerson is ‘a ghost on the bench and Grenier who has arrived in January can not play in Europe but then does not even play  in the league or Coppa Italia. So, what we have taken them to do? Always play the same, if Spalletti does not see and does not endorse them there then he must raise his voice with the Club. But with Sabatini out didn’t we think is now doing the transfer market? Who is bringing in these? Grenier and arrived at no cost, but why didnt Spalletti choose them? ridiculous situation.
If Roma had acquired Defrel and a midfielder now we could have options to play on three fronts, if there is no money take a Gilardino, a Paloschi, who you want, at no cost, free agents, but you would not even have a replacement up front! Instead of Grenier you could have taken another at zero cost but then chosen by the tactician. We were almost better off then it was left to Sabatini, surely he would bring in someone, without mentioning Spolli or Ibarbo.
Now there is Lyon Thursday. Last week we thought had to take a bite of all, we were pumped to the maximum, however we failed badly these crucial matches. It’s nothing lost, mind you, we can still finish second, progress in the Italian Cup and with Europa League still to play. But how things change!
Head down and pedal. Daje Roma”!
Stefano Sale @

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